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i have these headcanons of loki being the most unfortunate teenager of all time

thor having annoyingly flawless skin and loki having to go through acne on a picture day

having a morning erection when the whole family surprises him, entering his room with a cake

loki getting the kissing disease from his first kiss

asgardians with normal teenage awkwardness


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Relationship Asks:
♛ : OTP for my muse
☠ : NOTP for my muse
♙ : Character my muse hates
♗ : Child!Character my muse would adopt.
♠ : Character my muse would have a one night stand with.
♥ : Weird ship I have for my muse.
♜ : My muse's best friend.
☢ : Character my muse is afraid of.
☣ : Character my muse respects greatly.
☩: Crossover Ship with my muse.
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Crossposted from my DA, but here it is! Colored and everything, just like promised. c:


Crossposted from my DA, but here it is! Colored and everything, just like promised. c:

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Send my muse “Can I have you?” to see their reaction.
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Starter Sentences (Howl's Moving Castle + Spirited Away)
"I break my neck to get here, and I find you peacefully tidying up!"
"I assure you, my friends, I am cone sold stober."
"I'm sorry. I'm done running away, now that I have something I want to protect. It's you."
"She keeps staring at me... It's freaking me out..."
"It seems like everyone in this family has problems."
"It seems I've become quite cunning in my old age."
"A heart is a heavy burden."
"You sound ghastly, like some 90-year-old woman."
"I'd appreciate it if you didn't torment my friend."
"Better luck next time—your true love has fallen in love with someone else."
"They say that the brightest spark burns best when circumstances are at their worst."
"You don't seem to have noticed that something precious to you has been replaced."
"Aren't you even going to knock?"
"This nonsense has got to stop!"
"Alright, fine, you win."
"But a deal's a deal, sweetie!"
"You'll be the death of me!"
"No one else does any work around here."
"You're in love. Don't deny it, you've been sighing all day."
"I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful."
"Come on, it's not that bad."
"I specifically ordered you not to get carried away!"
"I can't live like this."
"You're fantastic!"
"I finally get a bouquet and it's a goodbye present. That's depressing."
"No! Don't leave me, I don't want to be alone!"
"It's just...a bad dream! Come on, wake up! Wake up..."
"Listen, someone very important to me is badly hurt."
"I was saving this for my parents, but I think you'd better have it."
"You shouldn't be here. Get out of here, now!"
"Good luck, and whatever you do, don't make a sound."
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the-mjolnir-owner :
❤ ✈ ♫

❤ - My dream career/job? I wanted to be a)a singer b)an astronomer and c)an animator but none of those are going to happen -people tell me I can sing but my voice is high pitched and I make rock sound like Disney T-T Astronomy requires math and science which I am terrible at and animation? I stopped drawing years ago.  Atm I am considering childrens books..still want to be a singer though

✈ - Places I really wanna visit? AUSTRALIA TO SEE captainforacause SO I CAN CUDDLE THE FUCK OUT OF HIM 
♫ - favorite music/bands/ singers? My Chemical Romance and The Birthday Massacre 

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❂ - Zodiac sign?
✔/ ✘ - 3 pros and 3 cons about me?
★ - why did I choose to rp as this character?
♂/♀ - mun’s sex/gender?
✎ - hobbies?
✿ - favorite animal?
☮ - 1 crazy fact about me?
ツ - favorite eye colours?
✌ - favorite television shows?
❤ - My dream career/job?
✈ - Places I really wanna visit?
♫ - favorite music/bands/ singers?
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Thor: you’ll always be my little precious Q3Q

Loki: oh gosh~Stop it!



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@DrGotts: My shot of glorious Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston for @FollowWestwood & @climate_rev, with @Greenpeace #SaveTheArctic


@DrGotts: My shot of glorious Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston for @FollowWestwood & @climate_rev, with @Greenpeace #SaveTheArctic

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Tom Hiddleston trying and failing not to laugh (aka the most adorable thing in all the Nine Realms)

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'Alice Madness Returns' RP Starters
"It's not a dream. It's a...memory. And it makes me sick!"
"Where should I go, then? What should I do?"
"I know I'm guilty of something, but punishment hardly ever suits the victims of a crime."
"Oh, there's an infinite amount of hope, but not for us!"
"Everything's better with bacon, don't you agree, of course you do!"
"Now hold on, and as they say, 'shut up'!"
"Another day, a different dream perhaps."
""My head's exploded and there's a steam hammer in my chest."
"Appearances, as you know better than most, can be deceiving"
"You're no help at all!"
"'Cruel to be kind', that's my technique as they say, but he's/she's as mad as a hatter, poor dearie!"
"A long stay under supervision would serve you right!"
"Authority must be obeyed, or it must be overthrown!"
"When you're not on edge, you're taking up too much space."
"Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?"
"I am fine. I'm not mad. I am innocent, I mean, not guilty!"
"You've used me and abused me, but you will not destroy me!"
"I'm not afraid to die. Times I've welcomed death!"
"The malignant royal bitch still reigns."
"Well, he/she was the face of evil in the heart of darkness..."
"My memories make me vomit."
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mightofasgardian :
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mightofasgardian :
"It’s not going to fit!"

Loki rolled his eyes, his hand moving to grip Thor by the neck as he leaned in close. “If you feel so concerned for your safety, why did you suggest I be the one to top this night?”He asked as he slowly let his hand move down Thor’s chest, his nails scraping into the blondes tanned skin. “I will give you two options. The first is to change places, the second is for you to quit whining like a virginal wench and take what you’ve asked for. Which do you choose?”